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How to do when trouble with antimony trifluoride

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How to do when trouble with antimony trifluoride Empty How to do when trouble with antimony trifluoride

Post  xiaohua Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:01 am

Antimony trifluoride belong to inorganic, it is solid , colourless and easy to deliquescence. Soluble in water , hydrofluoric acid and so on. Not soluble in benzene , chlorobenzene and heptane . The density is 4.379g/cm3,the melting point is 292 ℃. When under 319 ℃,it will sublimation.It is often used as analytical reagent, mordant fabric.
The physicochemical property has been introduced. Now discuss something about the chemical properties. When we touch it by accident, we should take off the pollution clothes, wash thoroughly with soap and water to the skin, and then see the doctor. If we have eye contact, filed eyelid and cleaned with mobile or saline irrigation water, then Medical treatment. If we are so careless that ingest, what we should do immediately is to drink enough water and induce vomiting.


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