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Reduce Pressure by Food Empty Reduce Pressure by Food

Post  sophia11 on Tue Jun 21, 2011 8:21 pm

Anxiety, stress and fatigue are mostly caused by psychological pressure. If we don’t reduce the pressure in time, it affects not only our health, but also our work efficiency and quality of life. There are many ways to relieve the pressure and one effective way is by food.

Vitamins are the best medicine
Many Nutritionists regard the vitamin B as the medicine of reducing pressure, which can regulate the incretion, balance the emotions and ease the nerves. Vitamin B is mostly contained in the following food: rice germ, brown rice, wheat bread, brunet vegetables, low-fat milk, soya-bean milk, eggs, spinach, tomato, etc. Vitamin C also functions. Studies show that when people bear considerable pressure, they consume 8 times more of vitamin C. At that time, people should eat the food rich in vitamin C, such as spinach, cauliflower, sesame seeds, fruit, etc.

Calcium, magnesium, zinc calm the mood
Calcium is natural stabilizer of nervous system. Experiments show that when people are under pressure, calcium in their urine can be increased. And thus whoever meets a bad thing or is in bad mood, he should choose the following food rich in calcium: high calcium milk, yoghurt, dried shrimp, egg yolks, etc. Magnesium also functions. It can relax the muscle and regulate the heartbeat. The food rich in magnesium are almond, peanut, seafood, beans, banana, etc. Besides, zinc is an important auxiliary factor of synthesis of protein and nucleic acid. Zinc can balance the blood sugar. Low blood sugar affects one’s work efficiency and mood. Food rich in zinc: eggs, malt, lean meat, seafood, etc.
Alkaline food dispels the fatigue
When people in fatigue, acidic materials increase in their bodies which aggravates the fatigue. And thus, such people need to eat alkaline food to attain acid-base balance and ease physical and psychological pressure. Generally speaking, whatever contains high calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and metabolized into basic materials is alkaline food, such as kelp, spinach, carrots, and celery. Fruit which tastes sour is metabolized into basic materials, and thus it belongs to alkaline food, such as watermelon. If people eat acid food, such as lobster, chicken, duck, beef, pork, etc, they should limit portion sizes so as not to break acid-base balance.

Dietary fiber is effective pressure-relief medicine
Long- term stress and fatigue cause gastrointestinal disorders, such as chronic constipation, indigestion and cardiovascular diseases. Dietary fiber in food can help digest, promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce gastrointestinal disease, and maintain the normal operation of heart. The easy way to supply dietary fiber is to eat more vegetables and fruits, more grain and whole-wheat bread instead of rice and white bread.


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