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Post  xiaohua on Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:32 am

Polyethylene (CAS NO.9002-88-4) was discovered in 1933 by Reginald Gibson and Eric Fawcett at the British industrial giant Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). This material evolved into two forms, low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Polyethylene (CAS NO.9002-88-4) is cheap, flexible, durable, and chemically resistant. It is used to make films and packaging materials, including plastic bags, while HDPE is used more often to make containers, plumbing, and automotive fittings. While PE has low resistance to chemical attack, it was found later that a PE container could be made much more robust by exposing it to fluorine gas, which modified the surface layer of the container into the much tougher "polyfluoroethylene".

Polyethylene (CAS NO.9002-88-4), its Synonyms are Ethene, homopolymer ; Plastipore ; Ethene, homopolymer ; Ethylene polymers (8CI) ; Alkathene ; Allied PE 617 ; Alphex FIT 221 ; Ambythene ; Bakelite DFD 330 ; Bakelite DHDA 4080 ; Bakelite DYNH . alien


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