what is Isopentyl nitrate

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what is Isopentyl nitrate Empty what is Isopentyl nitrate

Post  angel110 on Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:51 am

Isopentyl nitrite is chemical product. It is a Light yellow clear liquid and can mix with alcohol ether and chloroform, but it can’t mix with water. It has a fruit fragrance and it is volatile. When it is lighted or put into air, it will decompose.
• It’s boiling point is 99 degree. And it’s density is 0.871Kg per cubic meter. It is used to make as perfume, medicine and the compounds synthesis of Heavy nitrogen. What’s more, it could made as oxidant and dissolvant. Isopentyl nitrite is a medicine, and is the fastest role based ester short-acting vasodilators. It can also used for hydrocyanic acid and its salt poisoning the antidote.


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