How to use Sodium percarbonate

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How to use Sodium percarbonate Empty How to use Sodium percarbonate

Post  dorachen on Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:26 pm

Due to the high cost of energy in many parts of the world, wash temperatures in the range 20 to 40°C are now common, with cycle times as short as 15 minutes.
In addition, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for good hygiene at the new low temperature detergents.
At low temperatures where there is no thermal disinfection, sodium percarbonate provides an additional boost to provide bleach activation at low temperatures and disinfecting.
UseSodium percarbonate to Clean
Algae Stained Roofs, Siding and Wood Decks.
Ceramic Tile Grout
Food Stained Plastic Storage Containers, formica stained counter tops
Coffee and Iced Tea makers
Any fabric, it will remove grass stains, ink stains, oil, grease, chocolate, tomato sauce, grass, blood, mud, you name it.
Carpet Cleaner
Mildew Stained Tents, Camping Gear, Coolers, etc.
Septic System Enhancer, helps keep the drainfield soil loose so that it drains well.
Boat Canvas, vinyl ,rope, Teakwood
Lawn Furniture
Sanitize everything from Garbage Cans to baby diapers
Pet Stains - Odors
Use it to sanitize your swimming pool or hot tub
Commercial Growers use it to clean and sterlize their pots, benches soil etc.
Do you Home Brew? Its ideal for cleaning and sterlizing your home brew equipment
Virtually Anything that is Water Washable!
How Does Sodium percarbonate Work?
Simply mix with warm water.
Once dissolved, you soak articles in the solution or apply with a sprayer, mop or brush.
Wood decks come clean in minutes. Many clothing stains disappear in several hours or after a simple overnight soaking!
Scrub most articles lightly after the solution soaks and rinse with a hose or running water.


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