Intemperance Damages the Main Organs

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Intemperance Damages the Main Organs Empty Intemperance Damages the Main Organs

Post  sophia11 on Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:29 pm

When you drink cups of wine, you may feel like in heaven. Unfortunately, it is just temporary. Intemperance can damage your main organs.

Cause damage to the kidney. When alcohol comes into human body, it inhibits the secretion of antidiuretic hormone. When the body lacks this hormone, the kidney can not re-absorb the water and cause the drinker to visit the toilet frequently. As a result, he loses a lot of water and breaks the electrolyte balance. Therefore, he feels sick, dizzy and headache.

Cause damage to the breasts. Alcohol can stimulate the secretion of estrogen and thus we can see men who love alcohol have bigger breasts. Alcohol weakens functions of the liver but estrogen is broken down in the liver, and thus alcoholics are easier to suffer from breast cancer.

Cause damage to the stomach. Alcohol accelerates the secretion of gastric acid. Too much gastric acid damages epithelial cells of gastric mucosa and causes mucosa edema, bleeding and even ulcer. More seriously, alcoholics can get gastrorrhagia.

Cause damage to the pancreas. Alcohol causes acute pancreatitis in many ways. For example, alcohol stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid and affects the normal secretion of duodenum. As a result, the pancreatitis occurs. Less alcohol also worsens chronic pancreatitis. Patients have more frequent bellyache.

Cause damage to the liver. Alcohol lets the accumulation of fat around the liver. As a result, cirrhosis happens. what’s more, when taking some medicine, like statins, you must not drink as it aggravates the damage to the liver.

Cause damage to the brain. Alcohol damages the brain cells as showed in the study of Medical School in University of Heidelberg. 6 minutes later after drinking alcohol, brain cells start to be damaged. Long-term intemperance causes worse and worse memory. A journal shows that alcohol deprives people of the ability to read expressions. And thus, misunderstandings often arise.

Cause damage to the heart. Alcohol induces myocarditis. When people drink too much alcohol, their heartbeat is accelerated and the consumption of oxygen is increased greatly. Therefore, the myocardium is damaged because of fatigue.

Cause damage to the bones. Too much alcohol accelerates the loss of calcium and thus, alcoholics are easier to get osteoporosis. However, some reports say that drinking beer and wine properly can increase the bone mineral density. In addition, silicon in beer is healthy for bones.

Besides, too much alcohol can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. English researchers found that even a little alcohol makes blood pressure rise and thus heart diseases and stroke may occur.

For your health, quit drinking or drink less.


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