Five Indoor Environmental Pollutants

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Five Indoor Environmental Pollutants Empty Five Indoor Environmental Pollutants

Post  sophia11 on Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:33 pm

The number of people dead from indoor air pollution is 2.8 million every year! This number is shocking!

The relevant department has listed 5 major pollutants. They are formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon and TVOC.

Harm of benzene
Benzene, colorless and aromatic gas, has been determined the intense carcinogen. It is one of reasons that cause the increase of leukaemia kids. The survey data suggest 90% of leukaemia patients have indoor decoration in a year.

When people absorb much benzene in a short period, they feel dizzy, headache, sick, chest tight, and weak. They even can be in a coma or die of failure of respiratory and circulatory systems! When people touch benzene for a long time, they can have chronic intoxication. They have headache, insomnia, dumps and bad memories.

Harm of formaldehyde
Formaldehyde, colorless intense excitability gas, has been determined the intense carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Formaldehyde causes tears, cornea and conjunctiva congestion, skin allergy, cough and acute and chronic bronchitis. Worse, formaldehyde can cause long-term headache, pneumonia, pneumonedema, loss of appetite and even death.

Long-term touch of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory disease, eye diseases, the feminine menstruation disorder, the pregnancy syndrome and the newborn deformity. In addition, the quality of newborn can be reduced. What’s more, formaldehyde is the cause of 3-5 old kids’ asthma.

Harm of ammonia
Ammonia, colorless and intensive fetid gas, is lighter than air. Ammonia is alkaline substance, corrosive to skin. It can absorb water from skin tissues and denaturalize tissue proteins. Ammonia’s solubility is high and so it does harm to the upper respiratory tract of animals and humans. It decreases humans’ immunity to diseases. If you intake ammonia in a short period, you can have tears, pharyngalgia, cough, chest stuffiness, dyspnea along with headache, sickness, and weakness, even pneumonedema. And thus, we can see alkaline substance harms more than acidic one.

Harm of TVOC
TVOC causes body’s immunity level unbalanced, affects central nervous system, and symptoms like headache, weakness, drowsiness. It also affects the digestive system, even damages the liver and hemopoietic system.

As we know, decoration companies are usually responsible for their projects, not the furniture and other accessories. But most pollutants are contained in furniture, like custom-made cupboards, wall unites, furred ceilings and ready-made TV benches, armoires, mattress, sofas and so on. And therefore, people need to pay more attention on furniture so as to stay healthy. People need to buy quality assurance furniture so as to decrease indoor pollution as much as possible.


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