Oil of myrtle function

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Oil of myrtle function Empty Oil of myrtle function

Post  angel110 on Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:38 pm

Oil of myrtle 12 patients with chronic rhinitis and oral standard myrtle oil 10d (300mg / time, 3 times / d), before and after treatment were measured saccharin clearance time, and one of nine subjects before and after treatment were associated nasal function tests. 9 before and after treatment in patients with chronic rhinitis, acoustic rhinometry in nasal resistance and the results were statistically significant differences (P <0.05). Conclusion Oral administration of standard myrtle oil may improve nasal mucociliary function and nasal delivery system ventilation, in vitro no 75 ~ 300μg / L of myrtle oil on human nasal cilia movement significant impacthttp://www.lookchem.com/Oil-of-myrtle/


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