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Calcium sorbate is the calcium salt of sorbic acid. Calcium sorbate is a polyunsaturated fatty acid salt.

It is a commonly-used food preservative; its E number is E203.

Calcium sorbate Prepared at the 51st JECFA (1998), published in FNP 52 Add 6 (1998) superseding specifications prepared at the 17th JECFA (1973), published in FNP 4 (1978) and republished in FNP 52 (1992). Group ADI 0-25 mg/kg bw for sorbic acid and its calcium, potassium and sodium salts, expressed as sorbic acid, established at the 17th JECFA in 1973.

Fine white crystalline powder not showing any change in colour after heating at 105o for 90 min.

Melting range of sorbic acid derived from the sample

(Vol. 4) 132 - 135o

Acidify a solution of the sample with dilute hydrochloric acid TS. Collect the precipitated sorbic acid on a filter paper, wash free of chloride with water and dry under vacuum over sulfuric acid.

Test for unsaturation: to 2 ml of a 1 in 10 solution of the sample, add a few drops of bromine TS. The colour of the bromine disappears.

Calcium sorbate can be found in candied peel, cheese, cider, concentrated fruit juice, dessert sauces, dried apricots, fillings and toppings, fermented milks, frozen pizzas, fruit salads, gelatin capsules, margarine, processed cheese spreads and slices, soft drinks, soup concentrates, sweets and yoghurt.

Another name for Calcium sorbate is sorbic acid calcium salt. It is the calcium salt of sorbic acid. Calcium sorbate is commercially produced by several different chemical pathways.

Calcium sorbate is a preservative, mainly against fungi and yeasts. It is not effective against bacteria. Optimal activity is at pH values below 6.5 (acid and slightly acid foods). Calcium sorbate is used mainly in dairy products and rye bread.


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