The Impact of Volcanic Eruption

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The Impact of Volcanic Eruption Empty The Impact of Volcanic Eruption

Post  xiaohua on Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:57 pm

Volcanic eruption is a strange geological phenomenon. It is a form of crustal movement, and also one of the most intense displays of the internal heat on the surface of the earth. The lava and other ejecta release to the surface of the earth from the crater in a very short time. Once the volcano eruption happens, its power is particularly fierce, and often brings huge destruction to human world.

First of all, volcanic eruption will impact global climate.
The large number of volcanic ashes and gases ejected from the volcanic eruption will exert a dramatic effect on the climate. Because in this case, the dark and stormy day, rain, or even mud will affect the local residents for several months. When the volcanic ashes and gases are sprayed into the high sky, they will spread far away with the wind. These volcanic materials will cover the sun, causing the temperature to drop. In addition, they also will filter out the light with certain wavelengths, making the sun and the moon look like covering a level of glow, or suffusing with strange colors.

Secondly, volcanic eruption will cause damage to the environment.
When the large number of volcanic ashes from volcanic eruption combines with the rainstorm and form debris flow, they will wash away roads and bridges, flood nearby villages and cities, making many people homeless. The slurry formed by soil and rock debris can inundate the whole city just like the flood. Although the rocks are covered by volcanic ash cloud, we can still see the huge rocks sprayed into the air when the volcanic eruption happens.

Thirdly, volcanic eruption will also cause harms to human health.
Volcanic ash is a kind of small volcanic debris, composed by rocks, minerals and volcanic glasses, It has a strong pungency. Volcanic ash can suffocate crops, block transport routes and waterways. What's more, there are toxic gases contained in volcanic ash, which will bring damage on the lung, particularly to children, the elderly and people with respiratory diseases. When the sulfur in the volcanic ash falls with the rain, a large number of sulfuric acid will be acid will be produced. Sulfuric acid will bring serious harms to human body, such as burning the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes, etc.

In a word, volcanic eruption brings great damages to human world. As a result, we should try our best to take proper measures to eliminate these harmful effects.


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