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A Moderate Amount of Water Can Be Drunk When People Take Medicine

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A Moderate Amount of Water Can Be Drunk When People Take Medicine Empty A Moderate Amount of Water Can Be Drunk When People Take Medicine

Post  sophia11 Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:13 pm

Nearly all the people take medicine by drinking water. However, few people can grasp the amount of water moderately. Some people even use mineral water and milk to take medicine. In fact, not all the medicines can be taken with water. In addition, the amount of water should be moderate.

Different kinds of medicines need different amounts of water. For example, when people take medicines like tablets and capsules, they need to drink 200 to 300 milliliters of water. The medicines with low solubility need a large amount of water, such as sulfonamides. These medicines can be easily crystallized inside the nephric tubule and destroy the urinary system. People should drink a moderate amount of water to increase the urinary output so as to remove the toxins from the body.

Some people like to drink hot water when they are taking medicine. In fact, hot water can seriously affect the effect of medicines. The medicines like live vaccine can be easily destroyed by the hot water. In addition, vitamins, especially vitamin C, can also be destroyed by hot water. Vitamin C is very unstable. When it comes across hot water, redox reaction can be stimulated to destroy the normal functions.

Some people even use mineral water to take medicine. In fact, mineral water can not be drunk to take medicine, as the mineral substances and metal ions like calcium and zinc can seriously affect the normal effect of medicines. For example, antibiotics can not be taken with the water containing calcium and iron. Norfloxacin can not be taken with water containing iron and zinc.

When people take pain-killer, it is suitable for them to drink milk. Other kinds of drinks are not beneficial. For example, tea contains a large amount of tannic acid which can be interacted with the protein, metal ions and alkaloid contained in medicines. Fruit juice can disturb the functions of the medicines which can be used to improve the metabolism of liver. Then the supersession of medicines can be decreased to hurt the human body.

Generally speaking, the warm boiled water and purified water are the better choices for people to choose when they are taking medicine. In particular cases, milk can also be chosen, as milk can form a layer of protective film to protect the gastric and intestinal tracts. Therefore, people should choose the most suitable drinks to take medicine, which can maintain the normal functions of the medicines to the full extent.


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