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the study of Glutathione

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the study of Glutathione Empty the study of Glutathione

Post  jiangxiao Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:29 am

Many substance is composed of various chemical bonds in life, a part of the chemical bonds too many compounds. Now introduce a substance, glutathione.
Glutathione (GSH), also called bran amino sulfur, peptide (Tripeptide), the glutamate, homocysteine and glycine, making it one of the first peptides and ordinary peptide bond, is different from the Υ-carboxyl glutamic acid and homocysteine amino of composition, cysteine molecules in the compound's main mercaptoacetic is functional groups. As the antioxidants in animal cells, exists in full of water inside the cells, can protect the DNA from oxidation. Glutathione to two types exist in the human body, a pattern, the other is reduction is oxidation type. Spinach containing glutathione.
GSH depletion in another main physiological function as the body is one of the important antioxidant, it can remove the body of free radicals, clean and purify the body environment pollution, thus promoting the man's physical and mental health. Due to reduced glutathione itself vulnerable to certain substances in the body, so it oxidation can protect many protein molecules of the enzyme and not be as free radicals mercaptoacetic harmful material such as oxidation, and allow proteins and enzymes play their molecular physiological functions. The human body red blood cells of glutathione, to protect the content many red cell membrane protein on the sulphur in state, prevent hemolysis reduction is important, but also can protect the hemoglobin from hydrogen peroxide oxidation, such as free radical oxidation so it is continuing normal play in transport oxygen ability. Red blood cells of hemoglobin in the hydrogen peroxide and the role of the antioxidant, two for the price of iron oxide price three iron, the hemoglobin into methemoglobin, thus losing the ability with oxygen. Reduced glutathione can directly with h2o2, combined with water, generate antioxidants and oxidation type glutathione, can also will methemoglobin reduction of hemoglobin.
GSH depletion in treatment and prevention effect: first, detoxification. Second, radiation and sick and radiation protection. Third, protect liver. Forth, against allergy. Fifth, the course and improve. some disease symptoms. Sixth, raise colour beauty skin care. Seventh, increase visual acuity and eye disease.
GSH applicable to fatty liver, poisoning and viral hepatitis adjunctive therapy. To strengthen the body's immune system you immunity activity, involving multiplication unblocked lymphocytes and antibody production need to maintain normal level of GSH in lymphocytes. Antioxidants and free radical scavenging agents glutathione has the ring to protect the role of the harmful effects, including bacteria, viruses, pollutants and free radicals. Regulate other antioxidants-glutathione other important antioxidants such as vitamins C and E can't to do their job, fully protect your body from disease.[url=http://www.lookchem.com/Glutathione/ ]GSH[/url][url=http://www.lookchem.com/Glutathione/ ]GSH[/url]


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