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The study of carbamic acid

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The study of carbamic acid Empty The study of carbamic acid

Post  jiangxiao Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:51 am

One of the most important structural features of carbamic acid is the existence of a CN bond; in this respect, it is an amino acid which is simpler than the simplest identified amino acid, namely, amino acetic acid or glycine. Carbamic acid is animportant molecule in living systems where it is thought to be produced enzymatically from urea.
Carbamic acid, designated in the literature as NH2COOH, thus far, not been characterized by any experimental technique. The structural aspect has been treated theoretically by quantum mechanical ab-initio calculations. With a 6-31G complete basis set, the most stable structure of the molecule is predicted to be.
The composite NH3:(H2O_CO2) ice was bombarded with protons from a Van de Graaff accelerator with _1.3 MeV of energy. Beam fluence was typically 1_1015 protons cm_2 with an average dose of _9 eV molecule_1. The energetic protons pass through the sample and come to rest in the aluminum substrate. They are the initiators of the chemical changes in the sample, but do not appear in the final products.
In this study two deposits were made. Gases were prepared in two external gas handling systems, each equipped with diaphragm manometers. NH3 (99.99%, anhydrous, Matheson) was deposited through a small capillary tube and condensed as the first 2 mm thick layer on the aluminum mirror substrate. A gas mixture of one part H2O (triply distilled with resistance \107 ohm cm) and one part CO2 (Airco, purity 99.8%) was prepared in the second gas handling system. This mixture was deposited through a second capillary tube and condensed as a 2 mm thick layer on top of NH3.
Amino acid ester is a class of NH unit (CO) O-functional organic compounds, they are collectively referred to as "amino acid (NH2COOH) ester. Because of the amino acid atoms of nitrogen connected to a carboxyl, it can also be seen as a amide. Therefore, amino acid ester can also have N a replace alkyl or fang base. For example, urine silane (ec was) in a no replaced, and N N-methyl ec was in a N H a methyl replaced.
Amino acid ester is important drugs and pesticides. Carbamate pesticide is the main cause of acute poisoning pesticides, it is also the pesticide residues in vegetable varieties, the focus of the detection method based on their enzyme inhibition is on insect toxicology mechanism and set up test methods. Organophosphate and carbamate insecticides common toxicological mechanism is inhibit insects acetylcholine enzyme (Ache) and carboxylic acid ester of the enzyme activity, cause acetylcholine (Ach) and the accumulation of carboxylic acid ester, affect the normal nerve conduction insects and death.
Polyurethane main chain containing urethane feature unit, the polymer materials used in adhesives, coatings, low-speed tires, washers and other industrial fields. In the areas of daily life are used to make all kinds of polyurethane foam and plastic foam, is also used in the manufacture of condoms and medical equipment.[url=http://www.lookchem.com/Carbamic-acid-3-ethynylphenyl---1-1-dimethylethyl-ester-9CI-/ ]carbamic acid[/url][url=http://www.lookchem.com/Carbamic-acid-3-ethynylphenyl---1-1-dimethylethyl-ester-9CI-/ ]carbamic acid[/url]


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