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Between amino benzene sulfonic acid

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Between amino benzene sulfonic acid Empty Between amino benzene sulfonic acid

Post  jiangxiao Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:12 am

Between amino benzene sulfonic acid is a chemical products, the appearance is white sheet-shape crystal, no melting point, high temperature heat will resolve. It is soluble in water, also slightly soluble in ethanol and aether, can be used in the manufacture of azo dye, vulcanization dyes and vanillin, etc. It is made with hair smoke sulfuric acid nitrobenzene into nitrobenzene sulfonic acid, between products and then the reduction and system of.
Between amino benzene sulfonic acid have a wide range of USES, is a kind of important intermediates, is widely used in production reduction dyes, azo dye, vulcanization dyes, vanillin and reactive dyes, such as weak acid deep blue, 5 R G, golden GR acid active colourful orange K-G, etc, can also be used in producing, phenol, between vanillin, produce cancer drugs, pesticides, and rose essence etc. With concentric But the goods virulent, its toxic with aniline similar.
Between the benzene sulfonic acid sodium amino salt-between amino benzene sulfonic acid sodium, is a small white crystal. By the crystallization of the water to get their decomposition temperature of 302 ~ 304 ℃ for roughly. By the hair and smoke on nitrobenzene sulfuric acid, daqing heidimiao again using fluid alkali neutralization between available nitrobenzene sulfonic acid sodium, and then get the reduction between amino benzene sulfonic acid sodium. Between amino benzene sulfonic acid sodium is mainly used as the azo dyes and pharmaceutical intermediates.
[url=http://www.lookchem.com/cas-685/68584-22-5.html ]benzene sulfonic acid[/url][url=http://www.lookchem.com/cas-685/68584-22-5.html ]benzene sulfonic acid[/url]


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