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what is acetyl iodide

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what is acetyl iodide Empty what is acetyl iodide

Post  angel110 Thu Sep 15, 2011 2:35 am

Acetyl iodide (IUPAC name: ethanoyl iodide) is an organoiodine compound wth the formula CH3C(O)I. It is a colourless liquid. It is formally derived from acetic acid. Although far rarer in the laboratory than the related acetyl bromide and acetyl chloride, acetyl iodide is produced, transiently at least, on a far larger scale than any acid halide. Specifically, it is generated by the carbonylation of methyl iodide in the Cativa and Monsanto processes that are the main industrial route to acetic acid.It is also an intermediate in the production of acetic anhydride from methyl acetate.

Upon treatment with carboxylic acids, acetyl iodide does not exhibit reactions typical of acyl halides, say acetyl chloride. Instead acetyl iodide undergoes iodide/hydroxide exchange with most carboxylic acids:

CH3C(O)I + RCO2H → CH3CO2H + RC(O)I http://www.lookchem.com/ACETYL-IODIDE/


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