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Manufacturers of Benzyl Acetate

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Manufacturers of Benzyl Acetate  Empty Manufacturers of Benzyl Acetate

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ester formed by condensation of benzyl alcohol and acetic acid. Benzyl Acetate is also known as Acetic Acid, Benzyl Ester, Acetic Acid Phenylmethyl Ester, Phenylmethyl Ethanoate etc.
Benzyl Acetate
Fragrance & Flavor
CAS No.140-11-4; EINECS No. 205-399-7; Fema No. 2135
Molecular Weight 150.18, Molecular Formula C6H5CH2COOH3.

Benzyl acetate is found naturally in many flowers. It is the primary constituent of the essential oils from the flowers jasmine, ylang-ylang and tobira. It has pleasant sweet aroma reminiscent of jasmine. Consequently, it is used widely in perfumery and cosmetics for its aroma and in flavorings to impart apple and pear flavors. It is one of many compounds that is attractive to males of various species of orchid bees, who apparently gather the chemical to synthesize pheromones; it is commonly used as bait to attract and collect these bees for study.
Benzyl Acetate is used as a composition of perfumery (floral, fruity; reminiscent of jasmine) and flavoring (reminiscent of apple and pear). It is used as a solvent in plastics and resin, cellulose acetate, nitrate, oils, lacquers, polishes and inks. (reminiscent of apple and pear). It is used as a solvent in plastics and resin, cellulose acetate, nitrate, oils.
Specifications :
Product Benzyl Acetate
CAS No. 140-11-4
Chemical Formula C6H5CH2COOCH3
M.W. 150.18
Appearance Colourless liquid
Odour Floral
Assay 99.5 % Minimum
Boiling point 213oC
Flash point 102oC
Sp.Gr. 1.052 to 1.056
Refractive Index 1.501 - 1.503
Chlorine compounds Nil (copper flame test)


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