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Description of agarose Empty Description of agarose

Post  bluesky on Mon May 10, 2010 8:56 pm

Agarose, abbreviated as AG, is the agar without charge neutral composition, also translated as prime or agar agar sugar. Agarose chemical structure from β-D-pyran galactose (1-4) to connect 3,6 - dehydrated α-L-pyran form galactosyl units. The agarose dissolved in hot water, cooling condensate made of glue. Made of small particles for gel filtration. Not suitable for classification using sephadex gel filtration separation of macromolecules, the use of 5% concentration of the gel, and can fractionation cell particles, viruses. Using agarose adsorption characteristics of small, sometimes use it instead of agar, or gel electrophoresis as immune response within the settlement of the support material.


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