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The use of Butane

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The use of Butane Empty The use of Butane

Post  bluesky Mon May 17, 2010 12:34 am

Butane addition to the direct use as fuel and refrigerants, the large variety of organic synthesis for the Preparation of raw materials, such as can be prepared by the dehydrogenation of butene and butadiene; isomerization can be prepared by different butane; can be prepared by the catalytic oxidation maleic anhydride, acetic acid, etc.; by halogenated Halogenated can butane; can be prepared by nitration and nitro-butane; can be prepared at high temperature catalytic carbon disulfide; by the conversion of water vapor can produce hydrogen. In addition, Butane motor fuel blending can be done to control the volatile matter; also do heavy oil refining deasphalting agent; oil wax precipitation in the solvent; for the overflow of secondary oil recovery agent; resin foam; sea water into fresh water, refrigerant, and Ziegler olefin polymerization solvent.


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