Sodium percarbonate - Accident

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Sodium percarbonate - Accident Empty Sodium percarbonate - Accident

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First aid measures
Leakage of Sodium Percarbonate
Sodium percarbonate Skin Contact: Remove contaminated clothing, with plenty of flowing water rinse.
Sodium percarbonate eye contact: Did eyelid, mobile or saline irrigation, medical treatment.
Sodium percarbonate Inhalation: rapidly from the scene to fresh air. Keep the airway open. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Sodium percarbonate If breathing stops, artificial respiration immediately seek medical treatment.
Sodium percarbonate Ingestion: drink enough warm water, medical care, not to induce vomiting.
Fire Fighting Measures
Sodium percarbonate fire fighting methods: the immediate withdrawal of all related personnel. Wear protective equipment and self-contained breathing apparatus. Maintain the air flow to discharge toxic gases and decomposition products. With plenty of water spray
Leakage of Sodium Percarbonate
Isolate leaking contaminated areas, the withdrawal of all related personnel. Recommended emergency personnel wearing self-contained breathing apparatus, wear sterilized clothes. Do not direct contact with the leaked material. Must not allow disclosure of material and organic matter, reducing agents, combustible contacts.
Sodium percarbonate small leak: using a clean shovel to collect and dry, clean, covered containers. A large number of disclosure: recycling or sent to waste collection disposal sites for processing.
Leak contaminated areas with plenty of water


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