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Something About Propylene sulfide

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Something About Propylene sulfide Empty Something About Propylene sulfide

Post  xiaohua Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:54 am

Chemical is closely related to our daily life. No matter in what situations, always involve a series of chemical reactions. There are thousands of kinds of chemical substances in our life. Only do we know each substances that can not appear poisoning or other harmful things.
Propylene sulfide,organic synthesis. It is liquid but insoluble in water. The relative density of 0.946. Boiling point of 75 ~ 77 ℃. Refractive index 1.473. Flash point 10 ℃. It should be stored during 2~8 ℃.It also has poisonousness.
Garlic,spicy, edible or for flavoring, can be used as medicine. But do you know what contains in garlic. It is propylene sulfide. The antibacterial Properties of Food in the Garlic, Onions, Plant the bulbs contain a volatile propylene called vulcanization, Cold sterilization can resist the Flu and SO on.
Everything has two sides, so does the propylene sulfide. Although it has poisonousness, some comestible include it.


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