Perfume: an Expression of Nobleness and Romance

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Perfume: an Expression of Nobleness and Romance Empty Perfume: an Expression of Nobleness and Romance

Post  sophia11 on Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:36 pm

Perfume not only embodies beauty, but also reveals human being’s wisdom. Perfume expresses nobleness and romance, gradually becoming indispensable in our life.

Perfume, derives from the Latin word “parfumare”. In ancient Egypt and China, women used to bathe with flowers or wear sachets with spices in them. Then Arabians invented the distillation process and therefore essential oil began to become the mode. The Crusades brought essential oil and spice to France and popularized them. Since then, French perfume industry has gained its reputation.

Nowadays, more and more people us perfume as their consumption concept changes. As we know people were more concerned with bread and butter before. Now, we realize the dream of having a noble, graceful and romantic life because of perfume. Wearing perfume has become an essential part of our life, work, study and love, just like having meals, sleeping, wearing clothes and makeup. Perfume makes our life colorful and fragrant. Perfume promotes our taste in life. People who often wear perfume are free and easy, in no way bothered by bread and butter which is advocated by the spirit of perfume. Perfume of good quality is called “liquid diamond” because there are many precious spices which can be classified into three kinds: aldehydes, ketones and esters. Aldehyde compounds are mainly some aromatic compounds, like geranialdehyde and benzaldehyde. Ketone compounds are mainly those with carbon rings, like musk ketone. Most ester compounds send out fragrance. Perfume also expresses romance. When couples on dates, perfume helps them attracted to each other and lets them immersed in the fragrant atmosphere. Such dates are unforgettable for a whole life!

Generally speaking, summer is the peak season for wearing perfume. At that time, the climate is hot and the air is dirty. People are in a sweat. And therefore, it is proper to wear light perfume like cologne. Usually, it is sprinkled on hair or skirt hem.

Fall is the overture of winter when people get insensitive noses. Thus, people can wear heavy perfume. Usually, it is sprinkled on temples, collars and handkerchiefs.

Asian people like wear perfume on summer, but winter is also a season to show their charm. Cold winter, lack of green and vigor, more needs fragrance which can warm and cheer up people.

There is a variety of perfume on the market. Everyone should choose a perfume that suits herself/himself according to her/his personalities and propensities. A right perfume can let you full of charm and confidence. You will feel energetic to do anything. So perfume is not only perfume, but it expresses your attitude, status and charm.


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