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the study of L-lysine acetate

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the study of L-lysine acetate Empty the study of L-lysine acetate

Post  jiangxiao Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:53 am

We all know amino acids is very important to the person's body, so there are 20 different must amino acids. L-lysine acetate is one of human body essential amino acids, so it is a kind of amino acid drugs. Lysine is an alkaline essential amino acids. Because of the grain in food, and very low lysine content in the process of destruction and easy, is called the first restrictive amino acids.
L-lysine acetate is lysine acetate, white crystal or crystalline powder, almost odorless, According to the similar compatible properties, Its solubility is large in water and almost insoluble in ethanol. The melting point is 191 ~ 193 ℃. The boiling is 441℃ at 760 mmHg and the point flash is 220.5℃.
How to distinguish L-lysine is very important. Here introduces a kind of chemical method .First, take out about 2mg sample, add water 2ml to make it dissolved. Then, add indene three ketone of about 2mg. At last, let it heats, the solution would turn blue-purple.
Some studies show that the effect of lysine may also include prevent bone loss (can cause osteoporosis), because it can help the body absorb calcium organization. In combination with other amino acids can promote skeletal vigor, and by increasing the female collagen prevent osteoporosis. Increases collagen protein can promote bone and connective tissue more powerful and more flexible.

Appropriate supplementary lysine can promote children's growth and development, and long-term lack the children grow lysine stagnation, reaction indifference, pale, dry skin, muscle relaxation, resistance is reduced, serious still can affect mental development. According to China's residents eating habits, the peacetime intake of food proteins mainly from grains. But grains contain less lysine, limiting the use of several other amino acids. Therefore, in order to give priority to the grain foods (such as bread, rice, rice products), and appropriate add lysine can significantly increase its nutritional value. Should pay attention to, because lysine easily is dissolved in water, so food processing should avoid long time to soak. In addition, high temperature resistant, so not lysine food to steaming, boiling, double-boil for good, and should avoid fry, fry, explosion.[url=http://www.lookchem.com/l-LYSINE-ACETATE/ ]L-lysine acetate[/url][url=http://www.lookchem.com/l-LYSINE-ACETATE/ ]L-lysine acetate[/url]


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